MediaStream.AI creates technologies that use artificial intelligence to help people continuously capture and document their lives through media streams. A media stream is an ongoing flow of input from a device that captures sights and sounds. That can include media from a phone, and it can also include media streams from wearable recording devices.

For example, an audio app on a phone can be configured to continuously monitor audio by recording a continuous audio loop. The length of the audio loop can be set to any duration, based on the memory that the user wants to allocate to the app. When an audio loop is running, a user can tell the AI, “Save the previous conversation” or “Save the previous meeting”. The technology can also be used as a sound monitor for personal security uses.

The key to MediaStream.AI's technology is the artificial intelligence that monitors and organizes the media streams. As an individual documents their life, through text, email, audio recordings, pictures, videos, and other media, our AI labels and organizes the media. It labels the individual files with time, date, and participant information. Then it loads the media into the individual's archive where it is added to a searchable timeline .

Once the media is in an individual's archive, then copies of the media can be shared with others by sending copies of the media clips to other people's media archives. A record of who is given copies of the media are kept in a log, and anyone who receives a copy must get permission from the originator to pass copies on to others. It is like having a digital copyright on the media content that an individual creates.


MediaStream.AI was started by StartupStudio.AI, which is a platform for launching artificial intelligence startups.  Based in Palo Alto, in the heart of Silicon Valley, StartupStudio.AI is focused on developing new artificial intelligence technologies that revolutionize how people work and live.  For more information click the video below, and visit: StartupStudio.AI
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